Fringe Bar

Lip Sync Battles – 90s Throwback

Lip sync battles is a live full-throttle lip sync competition with a twist! Each event has one lucky audience wild card who will get the chance to take on the evening’s featured professional performers. We’ve got a new format, sponsored prizes for the winner, and even celebrity judges (sort of).

This month’s theme: 90s Throwback! Because we all remember the 90s like it was yesterday. Come along for some good old fashioned 90s nostalgia.

Tonight, your feature performers will be:

Miss La Vida – Burlesque Sensation
Justin Juice – Professional Dancer (but can he lip sync? come and find out)
James Nokise – Standup Comedian

Do you think you have what it takes to be the audience wildcard!? Get in touch with us before you miss your big break! Contact:

LSB is brought to you by joke maker Alice Brine (2016 Billy T Nominee) and hip shaker Fanciforia Foxglove (Supreme Grand Tease Champion 2015). They met while performing in local variety show, The Menagerie, and share a lack of actual singing ability but compensate with fishnets, feathers and enthusiasm.
This is an R18 gig (because it is performed at a bar)

Let the battles begin!