Catering Menu

Catering Menu

All platters serve nibbles for approx. 10 people

Vegetarian Platter $70

Spinach and ricotta, Cheese and Filo Pastry’s, onion rings, Plump vege dumplings

served with chutney aioli and sweet chilli sauce

Asian Platter $80

Deep fried ginger chicken, fish goujons. Pan fried pork and vege dumplings served with wasabi aioli

Italian Platter $70

Antipasto, olives, pickles, pesto, garlic croutons, cheeses, meats, dips, sun dried tomatoes.

Gourmet hungry Team Platter $80

Mini  beef cheese burgers, Mini hotdogs with caramelized onion with mustard seed sauce, Mini quiches and potato tops and mince pies served with tomato chutney and sweet chilli sauce.

Savoury Platter $80

Mini pizzas, Mini quiches, and gourmet sausages, baby potato tops and crunchy potato bites

served with tomato chutney

Meat lovers Platter $80

Mini beef pies, pork sausages, Deep fried chorizos, pure angus Meat balls and garlic chive pork gyoza served with sesame dipping sauce

Seafood Platter $80

Salt and pepper squid, tempura prawns, fish goujons and Crumbed fish fillets, mussel fritters smoked salmon dip 

served with garlic and lemon aioli

Sushi Platter Med $60 (40-50 pieces) Large $80 (approx. 60-70 pieces)

A mixture of fresh salmon or smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber strips and teriyaki chicken filled with sesame seeds

pickles and mayo served with wasabi and soy sauce- vegetarian options available