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Wellington Pun Battle 2017

Pun Battle Feb 2017Get ready to groan. Wits have been sharpened, wea-puns will be wielded, funny bones may well be broken. Will our competitors pun-ble under the pressure?!

After a sold-out and truly cringe-worthy show in 2016, the Wellington Pun Battle is back in 2017, with worse word-play than ever before.

Come along on Friday February 3rd at 8pm to see Wellington’s smartest alecks, wordiest nerds and biggest pun-ks, punslingers and pun-dits battle it out in an intense and hilarious head-to-head pun-off. With over $400 cash prize money on the line, you could say that the stakes are pun-ishing.

Our 2017 will be judged by our epic 2016 winner Emma Wollum, MC-ed by notorious smart arse, improvisor Jennifer O’Sullivan and refereed by over-enthusiastic gender-mess HuGo Grrrl.

Expect utter pundemonium as we decide once and for all if the pun is mightier than the sword. Because, as we all know, a good pun is its own re-word.

Enter now – Why not give it a pun-t! There’s $400 in prize money to be won. Are you a writer, improviser, comedian, or are your friends just really sick of your incessant and unsolicited word-play? Come to a place where your genius will be appreciated.
Email – to confirm your spot.


Graphic design by Caleb McNabb.