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The Menagerie

Halloween Special!

We are adding the creepy and the freaky to the world of the curious, intriguing and strangely compelling. The Menagerie is a collection of unique and talented local performers brought together for one night on the last Saturday of every month.

Rachel Rouge produces this a regular variety night based at The Fringe in Wellington. Every show is different and can contain a mix of tap dancers, singers, comedians, spoken word poets, magicians, contortionists, burlesque performers, hula hoopists, acro-balancers, ballerinas, mimes, carnies, ner-do-wells, drag queens/kings, and circus freaks.

Miss Anthropy – Primal burlesque at its bloody best.
Cherry Boomb – Circus sensation & death warmed up
Samuel S Snakeeyes – Our host & the devil incarnate
Mike Kay – The thing that goes bump in the night
Roxy Paradox – Stunning Sideshow Freak
Les Folies de La Mort – Cursed chorus girls
Sera Devcich – Comedian & Gloriaville escapee
Rachel Rouge – Evil genius reciting Poe
The Crypt Kickers – A one night only band of ghouls

We’d love you to come along, it just wouldn’t be the same without you.

Tickets are $30 right here or in cash on the door.