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The Little Boys’ Room: A Drag King Cabaret

Welcome to The Little Boys’ Room! A dashing drag king cabaret for those with a busting need for humping, thumping and hilarious entertainment.

A camp and cocky cabaret and a genderqueer spectacular, Boys’ Room is sure to bring you some sweet relief. Come on in, lock the door and prepare for your favourite faux show boys – unzipped and exposed like never before.

Featuring guest MC, the international sensation, Mr Lola Illusion and feature performer the captivating Nipless Cage all the way from Auckland, this edition’s line-up is bursting at the seams with hairy, horny goodness. They may only be mostly male, but they can shake their fake things with the best of them.

Some of New Zealand’s finest and award winning gender illusionists with grace the stage this October. And, if rumours are to believed, they’re dragging some fresh-faced, up-and-coming and virginal recruits along for the ride.

Boys’ Room received rave reviews at both Auckland and Wellington 2016 Pride festivals from some of New Zealand’s most artsy fartsy homosexuals. The boys are very pleased to be back for one night only! Friday 28 October, 8pm at The Fringe Bar.

Oh, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

Nipless Cage (AKL)
Rick Rolla
Hugo Grrrl
Tom Boi
Ricky Rascal
Dan D. Lion
Pauly Pocket Rocket
Andrew Welsh
Rey Zer
Richard Swallows
Eddie Crackham

Graphic Design by Pip Clark

$10 on Evetfinda
$15 on the door