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The Gracious Deviants

The Gracious Deviants are an acoustic trio from Wellington, NZ — a highly creative collaboration between three experienced musicians with disparate influences but complementary skills.

The name “Gracious Deviants” is an anagram of “voices and guitars” but it is also a fairly accurate description of the band.

Darrel Greaney (right) is a singer/songwriter and versatile guitarist, as much at home on electric bass as on acoustic guitar.

Pete Edge (centre) is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and avid home studio engineer.

Newest member Emma Bartlett (left) brings a third voice to the mix that is as much at home beautifully entwined in three part harmony as it is front-and- centre on lead vocals.

Their repertoire blends both original material and select covers incorporating pop, rock, and folk sensibilities into an easily accessible sound with a broad appeal. Emma, Pete, and Darrel are all strong singers both in lead and support, their voices blend in harmony while the acoustic guitar work from the two boys provides the rhythmic interplay and melodic accompaniment. Their songs are catchy, the lyrics evocative, poignant, and suffused with sardonic humour.

Gracious Deviants FringePortrait