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The Broccoli Brothers

The Broccoli Brothers, Ron (Cam Venn), Dallas (Paul Bourke) and Selwyn (Dave Houston), are a clown trio dancing on a knifes edge to the beat of a drum that can only be heard by dolphins, caterpillars, shamans, pizza boys, and those who have journeyed out into the abyss of human understanding.

Step into the theatre, take a deep breath and be transported to a higher plane of pure stupidity. The Broccoli Brothers waltz energetically into the absurd, transcending the art of clowning to create a truly ecstatic experience that is at once edgy, unique and very funny.

The Broccoli Brothers have been brought together by a shared passion for the immediacy of clowning. Between them they have spent years immersed in the genre as students and performers. They are excited to be performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and are here to present fresh, risky theatre where clowns are at home. Together they dive into glorious absurdity and emerge with performances brimming with truth, humanity and joy.

Fresh from sell-out shows at Melbourne Fringe.
“So bloody good, it’s crazy”

“Delightful, refreshing and very funny.”

“Full of beauty, laughter and pathos”