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The Pole Room Presents Dancing Queen

Come and watch an evening of pole dance performances including dancers from Wellington and beyond!

Featuring Maree Prebensen, Giada Caluzzi, Ileia Fox, Bridget Monro, Lil’ Miss Strange, Miss Hearts, Rhiannxn & Perf, Chelsea Smile, Evie, Cinnabar Steele, Sydney, Nicole and Cassandre.
The hilarious Katie Roberts is our emcee.

We created The Pole Room five years ago as a regular event to showcase Wellington pole, both up-and-coming performers and established polers. We also invite out-of-town guests to perform.

In the sixteen shows that the Pole Room has run, we have seen many of NZ’s top pole dancers perform and support it. Wellington is a great place to run a show – it’s so central and easy to get to!
We hope that the Pole Room continues to inspire and encourage pole in New Zealand, and we would love to see you at our next show, “Dancing Queen”.