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Paying For It – An Insider’s Guide to the NZ Sex Industry

“Paying For It” takes you on a voyeuristic tour through the fascinating and enthralling world of sex work; from Stripping to Sugaring, Brothels to BDSM, and everything in-between. True stories from industry professionals will show you what it’s really like behind closed doors. With stories gathered from every facet of the sex industry we aim to inform, educate, entertain you.

Okay for real though, we’re very busy, we’ve been flat out on our backs all night so we’re going to keep this brief. This show is going to be a revelation for a lot of people who haven’t been exposed to the sex worker lifestyle before. By revealing to you all the high and low points of this profession, we aim to give you a proper understanding of what it’s like to get laid and be paid. So step into our world and enjoy the ride.