Fringe Bar

26 Allen St
Te Aro

Open Mic – Rise of Super Unknowns

Open Mic NightCome Join us for cool night of music… Drum kit, Piano and P.A. provided…

Wellington’s longest running open mic and a gateway to preforming a a Fringe Bar show. Be a part of our supportive and creative community of musicians/poets/performers.

Every Tuesday night we run an open mic which focuses on developing local and visiting talent who knows what you will get at the Fringe Bar! A mixture of performances every week a perfect opportunity for networking and gaining experience on stage.

Performers are allowed to perform 3 songs or fill a time of 15 minutes, covers and original compositions are perfectly acceptable and we love to hear what you have to offer.

Generally first performance starts at 7:30pm and sign ups happen on the night, the night usually ends with performers jamming with one another and exploring new material and ideas. We provide a drum kit, bass guitar with amp an acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, bongos and all of the technical bits and bobs you could need (PA/Mics/Leads/DI boxes).

Come check out our open mic, who knows this may be the start of your musical career! Sign up on the night is encouraged however we do accept pre-bookings in the event of band set ups and other acts which may require preparation/sound checks.