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The Mug Shop – Make-up Workshop With Claire Voyant

Is make-up a bit of a mystery to you? Do your falsies flap? Does your lipstick slip low? Are you looking for some simple but effective techniques to make your face look great? This may be the workshop for you.

Facilitated by Claire Voyant, one of Wellington’s most magnificent mug painters, The Mug Shop aims to give you an insight into the tips and tricks of drag and the tools to explore your own gender presentation. We’ll cover everything from taping to tucking, from glitter to gore, from fierce brows to fake facial hair.

Bring your own make-up kits, your curiosity and your expertise. This workshop will be forum-base and centre around what you want to know. We hope to spend the majority of the evening answering your questions and queries and discussing the issues of gender presentation of interest to you.

Come one, come all! Beginners, experts, performers and laymen alike.