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The Great DIY BurlesKiwi 2017

The Great D.I.Y. BurlesKiwi competition challenges competitors to use their ingenuity and creativity to bring an award winning burlesque performance to the stage for under $100.00.

We are also pleased to announce that first ever DIY BurlesKiwi Duos where pairs must bring a winning burlesque performance for under $175.00 combined.

With competitors from all around New Zealand.

The winner of The Great DIY BurlesKiwi 2017 competition takes home:

  • – The title of “The Great D.I.Y. BurlesKiwi 2017.”
  • – The No. 8 Wire Crown.
  • – The Great D.I.Y. BurlesKiwi winners sash.

With guest performances by –

  • – The Great DIY BurlesKiwi 2016: Constance Maehem
  • – Azure D’Murre (Hamilton)

The winners of DIY BurlesKiwi Duos winners will receive:

  • – The title of “DIY BurlesKiwi Duos 2017.”
  • – The 2 x 4 Trophies.
  • – DIY BurlesKiwi Duos sashes.

With guest performances by –

  • – The Pinot Sisters.
  • – Ballet School Dropouts (Palmerston North).
  • – Emcee Extraordinaire: Constance Craving.

In the best tradition of Kiwi ingenuity and the #8 wire mentality, proving you can bring fabulousness to the stage on a budget.