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Early Evening With Winston Macadamia-Smith

No camera, no script, no idea.

Join Winston Macadamia-Smith (from Late Night with Winston Macadamia-Smith) and his unruly panel for a crumpet and a cup of tea in the world’s first “early evening” talk show, which is the same rubbish as his late night show but in an earlier time-slot.

Winston Macadamia-Smith, a self-styled “professor of life” who’s seen it all and isn’t afraid to let the truth bombs fly. Early Evening with Winston is a surreal talk-show parody, the perfect vehicle for this grumpiest of old men to sit back and tell the world what he thinks of it. With a rotating guest line-up and allusions to all the usual late-night talk show tropes, each show will be an unpredictable romp where nothing and no one is sacred.

Winston first came to life for a Shakespearean lecture series at Melbourne University in 2006. He’s since appeared sporadically in hosting duties, online sketches, and character comedy nights.

Following a late-minute show cancellation at a comedy night in 2015, a late-night talk show with Winston as host was cobbled together, and the first ever “Late Night with Winston” was a chaotic success. This new rendition represents a more intense, tightly-focused evolution of the show concept, playing to the strengths of Winston’s sharp tongue and wit, and the unpredictability of the revolving guest panel. With Bullock’s known love of surreal comedy, this will be no ordinary hour of late-night television!

Especially since there aren’t any cameras.