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Dank Comedy Show #14

The Dank Comedy Show Returns. Hosting a lineup of wellingtons finest comedians.

Matthew Ray O’Leary – Everybody loves Ray, this clever relatively young comedian has been making a big name for himself with his sophisticated and satirical style. Ray gets dark! you will laugh while you think.

Sera Devcich – She local in every town. She’s energetic, enigmatic and always entertaining. Her jokes are always snappy , with quirky tales of the daily struggle, get amongst her comedy at Dank.

Shawn Hoult – He’s from Canada, he’s funny, he constructs good jokes, you. will. like. them.

Kerry Jimson – Is new to wellington and currently resides in nelson, dude is too funny saw him once booked him immediately. Who knows how long he’s been the comedy, as far as we can tell he’s been funny his whole life.

Lee Ray – Lee has been smashing it, doing shows around the country. She always brings the gold and ladies and gentlemen the gold it shines. Dank.

Joel Hansby – Is so dry so dry, drier than weetbix. He’s awkward, he’s like a young Jim Carrey he can just stand there and look at you and you laugh he’s real good so we made him headliner of this dank show. sweet bro.

Neil Thornton – comedy vet Neil Thornton an absolute legend, he eats young comedians for breakfast his jokes are sharp and observational, you will hear him and feel the insight you have always wanted to achieve. How often do you leave a bar feeling wiser? you should always leave a comedy show under some sense of enlightenment, Neil is the guy to do it.

Big Ups Maximum Respect.