Fringe Bar

26 Allen St
Te Aro

The ShoeString Theatre Challenge 2015

We’re extremely excited to present to you The ShoeString Theatre Challenge’s 2015 Line-up!

Sunday 4 October
7 – 9pm at the Fringe Bar, 26-32 Allen St (off Courtney Place), Wellington Central*


The Challenge: Participants have one month to produce a 10-15 minute performance piece, on a budget of no more than $20 for any props, costumes, etc. At the end of the month everyone comes together to present their work to a supportive environment of friends and family.

So please come on down, because we’d love to see you there!


The Programme:

The Fence
By Richard Dasan, Haydn Carter, and Connor Tomlinson
When a controversial case is put in front of two lawyers, they must show the jury whether or not it is ethical to take a life in good will.

The Yellow Wallpaper
Charlotte Perkins Gilmer (US) gothic short story (1892) The Yellow Wallpaper holds resounding echoes today. As her journal unfolds we learn the terrible secret of The Yellow Wallpaper. This dark one woman piece is performed by Wellington storyteller and comedian Caroline Welkin.

Written by Matty Smith. Directed by Pachali Brewster. Acted by Stuart Moore.
Post-Apocalypse: A Prologue.

Marina and Melanie Will Always Walk You Home
By Rosie Cann
Melanie and Marina get a hard rap. They are torn down but they keep going. They listen and sympathise and hold your hair or your hand depending what you need. They are your sisters. They have your back. They will walk you home. This is my love letter to them.

By Rosie Cann
WOUND speaks to the parts of us we try to hide, to wipe away with running mascara, to blink back, to drown out with yet another glass of merlot. WOUND is the voice of the broken heart, and presents tales of vulnerability and pain from the public, so that, hopefully, we can acknowledge the beauty of the low that we would rather pretend never happened.

By Rosie Cann
A collection of tales from the lowest places on earth… namely, the ground, Shoe. is a collection of monologues performed entirely by shoes. These sole-full speeches will be laced with laughter and wisdom, pumped with earnest intent and wedged right into your ears, knotting your stomach and heeling any grudges that might remain between yourself and the doc martens that finally gave out, or the sprained ankle your favourite high-heels inflicted last week that you just can’t stillet-go.

MC: Caroline Welkin
Stage and Technical Manager: Hannah Clark-Younger
ShoeString 2015 Organisers: Hannah Clark-Younger and Pachali Brewster
Special thanks to the Fringe Bar!

*Please note the venue is R18. Minors are welcome but must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Please ring the venue on 04-801 5007 if you have any questions regarding the law.