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Te Aro

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The Limbo Cabaret

Vaudeville Inc

In a dive bar at the end of, well, at the End.
In a glorious, glittering gin joint at the end-of-where-is-this is a show hosted by the one and only Valentino Invictus, in all her fractured facets.
She’s curated a sideshow of some of the best acts, and broken dreamers, a line up of performers living, unliving, and unsure.
Joining her tonight only is Cynthia Highway, the ultimate out-of-town act. Make sure to catch her before she’s gone.

The Limbo Cabaret is a collaboration between Wellington’s Vaudeville Inc, and Melbourne’s Scrap Princess. In a dark nightclub where Beckett and Brecht drink the dustiest bottles from the back of the shelf, and any act could be the finale, you’re in for one hell of a show.

From the cabaret kids behind Zomburlesque, Penny Dreadful’s Boylesque, and the Black Rabbit Speakeasies comes a show about falling apart, running away, getting caught in the spotlight, and telling stories til our voices give out. Or the glass runs dry.

There will probably be a bit about penguins.